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HR Automation Tool for Your Business!

Give employees one-stop shop for work-related matters – whether it’s an onboarding journey, a parental leave request, or a payroll question.

Solutions for moments that matter

Are you spending a lot of time doing administrative task?

With HR Core, you have everything you need to manage all your HR processes. Spend less time doing administrative HR tasks so that you can focus on your core business.

With our unique HR management solution, you pick customize to your need. Our individual modules are designed to solve your biggest HR problem – or all of your problems. Start with what you need now and add as you go.

Manage all your HR processes from a single dashboard. HR Core is a Customized HR Software that brings your employees together. HR Core is everything you need to manage your HR process by eliminating tedious processes so that you can focus on your team.

How it works

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Implementation Assistance and Training
Our team will work closely with you to train the software administrators so they can efficiently train their employees.
Fixed Cost Implementation
There are no hidden costs associated with our software implementation and your contract doesn't start until the program goes live.
No-Stress Integration
HR Core was built cutting edge technology that makes deployment and integration seamless. Sign up and start improving your company's Human Resources management.
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Unique App Screens

Optimize your company’s HR management system,  maker better and informed business decisions.

Everything You Need
to Manage Your HR Processes

Employee Self Service Portal
HR Core simplifies and centralizes your HR data. Employee can access their personal bio data and transaction history anywhere and anytime.
ID Card Request
Employee can request a new ID card from the self service portal. HR Core manages new ID card request, capture signatures and manages ID-data and cards.
Requisition Management
Manage, track, control internal inventories supplies, monitor items usage and consumption. Employees can request an item and get approval.
Cash Request Management
Approve petty cash reimbursement request from a dashboard. Eliminate all paper works while you track and stay in control of all your company’s expenses.
Performance and Appraisal Management
Continuous tracking of employees’ performance with advanced metrics such as KPIs to dynamic objectives. Easy to use.
Staff Audit and Management
Audit Staff, view and ensure up-to-date personnel information, activities and transaction history for compliance with workplace rules and regulations.
Employee Records
Manage all of your sensitive people data in one organized, secure database. You’ll never need cumbersome spreadsheets or cluttered paper files again.
Workflows and Approvals
Bottlenecks and slow approval processes prevent you from making important decisions promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Community

About HR Core, features, pricing, security and privacy, and how to sign up

HRCORE is a flexible software that helps with the day-to-day activities of the company. It includes leave management, appraisal management, requisition management, cash request management, employee information management, employee self-service portal, audit management with custom approval levels and integrates seamlessly with existing data structure. HR Core is everything you need to manage your HR process while you are able to focus on growing your business. This software is developed by BCT Limited

We do. Employee and Manager self-service is at the heart of HR Core An All-in-one HR Solution. Employee can access their personal bio data, transaction history and self-service can be done anywhere and anytime.

Aside from being flexible, HR Core is an affordable HR management solutions for small and medium-sized companies. An All-in-one HR Solution: From the Small Startup to the Global Enterprise. Our HR Core software is priced on a combination of functionality and active employee records. Active employee's are currently employed and are setup with a job role and employment condition. You are not charged for terminated records and can easily re-active an employee if required. We have four product levels and plans - Basic, Regular, Premium and Business plan. With the increasing functionality there is a small additional charge to the monthly fee. Implementation, configuration, and training costs are quoted and charged based on client requirements (budgets are provided during quotation). Click here to

Manage all your HR processes from a single dashboard. HR Core is a Customized HR Software that brings your employees together. Our All-in-one HR Solution is much more than a HR Software, features include: Employee Self Service Portal, Employee Information, ID Card Request, Requisition and Cash Request Management, Leave/ Time off Management, Performance and Appraisal Management, System Administration & User Roles, Succession and Development, HR Analytics and Real time Reporting and so much more. For further information

HR Core was built with cutting edge technology that makes deployment and integration seamless. Unlike other HR management solution, our expedited implementation process gets your management system up and running, quickly and our easy employee self service make sure all of your employees are comfortable using it. HR Core is cloud-based and it is designed to integrate seamlessly with any program you currently have in place.

HR Core is both on-premises deployment and cloud based. Employees only need their login details to connect from their laptops, workstations, tablets and mobile devices. For further information,

HR Core is a flexible human resource management solution dedicated to solving the Human Resources problems of small and medium-sized companies. HR Core is flexible and highly scalable. Our expedited implementation process get your business up and running.HR Managers love our software because it saves them time; IT teams love our software because it's easy for everyone to use; Business owner loves HR Core because it saves them a lot of cost while employees love HR Core because it is flexible and accessible.

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